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What's Your Learning Style?

Do you remember being back in school and having a teacher or a professor that just stands in front of you and just lecture? Maybe there were no visuals such as presentations, books, outlines or even hands on experiments that allows you to view a concept in a different way. We all may have had that teacher that only shared one way to teach something. In addition, have you experienced trying to prepare and study for a major exam and all you did was just read the content? Maybe you needed to hear something or grab highlighters to color coordinate and organize material you are studying to help give you a better understanding.

It is becoming more relevant to start to experience and learn what your learning style is. The three main types of learning styles are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The interesting thing is that you can be categorized under more than one. The benefits of understanding your learning style is getting to know what your weakness and strengths are and how it will make your studying journey more impactful. We are extremely busy people and we do not want to waste time during our studying journey. Take the important step in understanding you and what fits you the best to retain information that you will be studying.

Watch video below to find out more about the different types of learning styles.

Find out what learning style you are by clicking here!

Once you find out your learning style, here are strategies you can use to help you.

  • Using highlighters

  • Creating diagrams

  • Watch videos

  • Listen to an audio

  • Study in a group and discuss the material

  • Read your notes out loud

  • Write notes and reread them

  • Moving around while looking at the material

  • Taking breaks while studying


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