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What are Good Study Tips?

7 Study Tips to Implement

  1. Study for the exam! It is important not to go into the exam by winging it.

  2. Develop a study plan that provide you time. It is ok to adjust the study plan when needed.

  3. Take breaks and if you need to build it into your plan then please do so.

  4. Make sure you focus on retaining and grasping the concept so you are able to apply it. Try to create your own mnemonics. Do not memorize! (Although, there may be some concepts that is best to memorize such as stages of development)

  5. Do not overwhelm yourself with to many study materials. Best practices would be maybe using 2 or 3 different resources.

  6. Practice your skill by taking practice exams. There are many free resources that provide practice exams. This will give you opportunities to see your weak areas and to manage yourself to spend more quality time on that specific content.

  7. Do not cram the day before the exam. It is best practice to take off from studying the day before your exam. As tempting, as it may be try to make this day a mental health day to just relax and allow all of the studying to marinate in your mind.

Free Practice Exams


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